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(The Guild of Saint Errol)

"It was sinking when I got there..."

These scurvy Sea Dogs and Bitches can be easily identified by their salty demeanors, slightly swaying mode of perambulation and ceaseless preoccupation with the coveting of "booty". Privateers are one step short of Pirates, as they have managed to petition and receive from the ruling monarchy a license (called a "Letter of Marque") that basically allows them to plunder the goods of others and not get their necks stretched on the gibbet, just so long as those others are identified as "enemies of the Crown".

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Crew Roster for The Bayou Scoundrel

This ship has 8 crew members and 0 gun(s).If you would like to join this ship, send an email to [email protected]. To return to the fleet listing, click here.

Yaaaar! I be captain! #1253Capt. William Upwood SinCaptain  
 #1273Brimstone BlueGunner's Mate
 #1274Eric the GreenGunner
 #1308Grovdin DokkQuartermaster
 #1328SarviaRose CortoisMorale Officer
 #1329Willa SwallowFirst Mate
 #1330Anita GoodmanStitch Witch
 #1447Pat McGroinCarpenter

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